Balancing The King, The Martyr, and The Tyrant: Reflections on 2016, Intentions for 2017 (May We Be

Friends, It is a tradition of mine at this time of year to look back on the year that was, reflect on what I've learned, and set my intentions for the year ahead. It is my privilege to get to share these reflections and intentions with you all again this year, and I invite you to share your reflections and intentions with me as well. LOOKING BACK ON 2016... Was there "joy, ease and lightness?" One year ago, I set my intentions for this year as: "joy, ease and lightness." In looking back on 2016, I have to ask myself, "did I actually commit to this intention?" The answer is: "not really." There were moments of joy, ease and lightness, but there was also potential for so much more of it, if I'


Here’s some ideas I’ve been considering for changing our electoral system. I sent this via my email list on Sunday, and have had some really awesome conversations already about the merits and demerits of these ideas. I have left them in their original form, even though my perspective has shifted since Sunday on some of these ideas, due to the respectful argumentation I’ve engaged in with some of my friends who disagree with me. One friend actually told me one of the ideas made her want to vomit. Let’s see how they land with you. Take a look. Gimme your thoughts. Let’s get in the mix. DEMOCRACY 2.0: BECAUSE THE CURRENT SYSTEM IS CLEARLY IN NEED OF AN UPGRADE… 1) CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM (GET T

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