Love Is Alive and Well! I Saw It!

In a time when it feels as if new atrocities greet us at every turn I want to take a moment to tell you about something beautiful, uplifting, and truly inspiring that I experienced this last Saturday. ------------------------------- In Downtown LA, there is an area called "Skid Row." This area of town has the largest homeless population in the city, and this past Saturday, it became home for the "Skid Row Carnival of Love." This MASSIVE event was a block-wide carnival, with a thousand volunteers offering loving aide to the population of Skid Row. Throughout the day the block was alive with positivity, hugs, laughter, dancing, music and joy. 4,000 of Skid Row's residents were guided by volunt

Chants from the Women's March: An Account of a Beautiful Day of Strength and Grace

Yesterday I attended the Women's March in Los Angeles. And it was an incredible, beautiful demonstration of strength and grace. I experienced peace, determination, clarity and unity. (Photo NBC Los Angeles) 750 thousand people were estimated in attendance in LA. That's just in Los Angeles. There were marches in Chicago, D.C., New York. Millions of people stood up and made their voices heard. Here is what I heard: "NO FEAR, NO HATE, LOVE'S WHAT MAKES AMERICA GREAT!" At the March, there was an overwhelming feeling of positivity, in spite of the March being held primarily in opposition to a man and his principles. Every person was in great spirits, respectful, kind, loving. I witnessed meaningf

#MyFirst100Days: Join Me For A Practical Campaign to Build the World We Want Through Personal Respon

On January 20th, I begin a period I'm calling "My First 100 Days." 100 Days of my First Term as the true creator and master of my own life and actions. 100 Days of taking personal responsibility for what I can change and releasing that which I can't. 100 Days of committing to creating my own inner peace as a foundation for World Peace. 100 Days of committing to my personal wellness as a foundation for Human Wellness. 100 Days of education on any subjects on which my ignorance is holding me back. 100 Days of showing up in the practical ways that I can for the well-being of my community, my state, my country and my world. Coincidentally, Donald J. Trump also begins his First 100 Days of his Fi

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