What Does World Peace Look Like?

I have a challenge for you: Name 6 books about the demise of humanity. (Hints:) Now name 5 movies. (Hints:) It's pretty easy, right? We have so much media about the ways in which we're going to fail ourselves as a species. So many stories about futures filled with degradation, destruction and human enslavement. Now...think about how many books and movies you can name about humanity living in lasting peace? About a world without war? About a world of true freedom and equality for all beings? About a world without hunger? Not as many, I would guess... ------------------------ I'm a storyteller at heart. Through different forms of writing and performing I have experienced firsthand the power of

An Invitation to Become "Re-Enchanted With Life"

('The seed of suffering in you may be strong, but don't wait until you have no more suffering before allowing yourself to be happy.'- Thich Nhat Hanh) ----------------------------- I've been off social media for nearly 25 days now... ...and whenever I share this with someone, the response almost always seems to be along the lines of: "I've been thinking about doing that too. It's been so toxic. It's just not as fun anymore." I think through the months of November and December I was experiencing this same kind of feeling about life in general. With so much apparent conflict, dissonance, and dis-ease, I felt energetically drained, disconnected, and disenchanted. Life, like social media, was "j

Do We Actually Want to Heal?

I recently had a confrontation with someone about something they'd done that upset me. The conversation, in short, was along the lines of: "I experienced you doing _____, it made me feel _____. I don't want to feel _____." Everything about what I said was true. I was speaking to my experience, and you can't really argue with someone's subjective experience. At the end of the conversation, the other person genuinely regretted making me feel the way I felt, apologized for the way their behavior made me feel and offered to change their behavior for my benefit. We hugged, and I left the conversation feeling a type of superficial satisfaction... But it didn't last. The next day I started to feel

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