Playing A Bigger Game: The Way to A New Paradise

"AS ABOVE, SO BELOW" It strikes me of late how things that are happening on one level of reality tend to be happening on all levels. "As above, so below," it's said. The physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual, the societal, the planetary, the universal...and on and on... In the end, it's all one... A BIGGER GAME As my late 20s came to a close this past January, I took a moment to reflect on my memories and to find gratitude for the gifts I'd been given over the past 10 years: the people, the experiences, even the challenges. I also took inventory of where I was, examined my current way of being and broke down what has been working and what clearly hasn't. So many unconscious beha

King Benjamin's Virgin Burner Blog: Burning Man Main Sale Registration Ends Tomorrow!!!

As I wrote in my previous blog about ticketing, pre-registration is an essential part of being able to purchase tickets for Burning Man, and the deadline to do so is tomorrow! Here's what I wrote in that post about pre-registering: "PRE-REGISTRATION ***SUPER IMPORTANT*** In order to get tickets, you must pre-register/create a Burner Profile (online profile for Burning Man), between March 22-24th. You can pre-register here. Create a profile by pressing "sign up" in the upper right hand corner. Fill in the information. Verify your email. Confirm your account. (Standard new account setup protocol.) Once you've created the profile, after 12PM during the pre-registration period, you will be able

International Women's Day: A Challenge to Men To Show Up for the Fight For Gender Equality

International Women's Day is this Wednesday, and so, I want to use this week's post to acknowledge two important things: First, I want to acknowledge that my life has been and continues to be greatly inspired and bettered by incredible women. (Three generations of women in my family and me...dressed as Dublin...) Powerful women have been a constant for me since birth. My family is composed of a legion of strong, smart, capable, badass women. Most of my best friends are amazing, trailblazing women. Many of my mentors and role models are bold female leaders. Heck, I would venture to say that the majority of my favorite people on this planet are women. Women inspire, support, and b

King Benjamin's Virgin Burner Blog: Ticketing! How & When To Buy Burning Man Tickets!

(My tickets from my last 4 years) Alright gang, it's time for us to get down to a little business! We are getting close to the ticket purchasing period, so I want to break down how the whole shabang works! Tickets for Burning Man are sold in periodic increments. The first two increments, the "pre-sale" and the "directed group sales" have passed, so I'm leaving them out of this (next year I'll add a write-up for these sales.) I'll instead focus on what is called the-- ***MAIN SALE*** This period is when the most number of tickets are made available (30,000) for $425/ticket, $80/vehicle pass, $12 shipping (US) and $12 ticketing fee per ticket/vehicle pass. PRE-REGISTRATION ***SUPER IMPORTANT**

King Benjamin's Virgin Burner Blog: Why I Love Burning Man & Want to Help You Get There

Welcome to King Benjamin's Virgin Burner Blog! I am King Benjamin (that's my Playa name, we'll get to that later) and for some serendipitous reason, the Universe has connected you to me so I can assist you in your preparations for your first Burn! (Pictured above: me, King Benjamin---BTW, King Benjamin, The Capricorn King of the Infinite Light is my full royal title.) Who is this blog for? I am writing this blog for anyone who desires to go to Burning Man for the first time (we call them "virgins") but might need assistance figuring out how to get there. What should you expect from this Blog? Over the next few months I'll be writing about things like: -The 10 Principles of Burning Man -How a

An Insurgency of Peace- How Yoga & Meditation Teachers Are Unknowingly Training An Army

An insurgency has begun... The day after the election, I went to a morning yoga class, hoping to decompress and work through some of my anxiety about the fate of humanity. Our sequence contained three standing poses: "Warrior I," "Warrior II," and "Warrior III." The sequence repeated. "Warrior I," "Warrior II," "Warrior III." Again...again. "Warrior I," "Warrior II," and "Warrior III." At one point I thought to myself, "this feels like bootcamp." And then I realized: it is bootcamp... ---------- According to a recent survey, the practice of yoga in the US has nearly doubled in the past four years from 20 million people to nearly 37 million. Mindfulness and meditation are also incre

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