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(source: Wikimedia Commons) Alright y'all! We're only 60 days out from The Burn, so it's time to get down to business/pleasure! We have about two months until we co-create this year's experience together-- just enough time to get all of our supplies gathered, brush up on our Burning Man philosophy, and coordinate our travel plans! (10 Symbols of Burning Man designed by Wick to symbolize the 10 Principles.) THE 10 PRINCIPLES OF BURNING MAN First things first: if we're interested in co-creating Burning Man with our fellow Burners, we need to know the 10 Principles under which we all create... The 10 Principles are a collection of shared values that unite our community. They include: 1) Radical

Closing The Circle: An End and A Beginning

About an hour ago my parents left my house... They came to see and celebrate the new home my husband and I just bought, and to deliver the keepsakes that I had collected a few weeks ago from my childhood home in Iowa, the farm I grew up on, which they're now in the process of selling (with my full support.) I spent two whole days with that farm, letting the memories pass through me, saying goodbye to the space that had been the incubator for the human I've become. I thanked it for everything it had given me, all of the love and the memories it had housed. For years, I'd stored boxes of photos and toys and newspaper clippings at that house, saying to myself that one day they'd come and live w

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