Ben's Weekly Spark 3.25.18: Gratitude Videos, Meditation Apps & Heart Dance Playlists

...A Weekly Digest of Community-Generated Tools, Tips & Experiences for Accessing JOY, HOPE, PEACE & LOVE... (Click here to join our Facebook group where these tools are shared. THANK YOU to the BC Tribe members who contributed to this week's Spark!) ***THIS WEEK'S SPARKS*** 🔥JOY: "Gratitude" and "gratefulness" were big themes this week. I've always found gratitude to be the easiest pathway to accessing joy, I try to include feeling into at least 3 things that I am grateful for in my practice each morning (really experiencing how they each make me feel.) A number of people in our group offered what they were grateful for (family, weather, friends, life) as well as these two videos on the im

Accessing Joy, Hope, Peace & Love (My New Facebook Group)

(Join my brand new Facebook group devoted to JOY • HOPE • PEACE • LOVE here.) "What problem are you trying to solve?" This past Saturday I finished an 8-week digital marketing class online, and that was one of the first questions I was asked to answer. In other words: "What service are you offering?" I was a little perplexed on how to answer it. My work is pretty diverse. I write music, I sing, I produce events, I create videos, I blog, teach yoga, organize and lead community. I couldn't seem to suss out a through-line between all these things, an elevator-pitch of what problem I was helping to solve. So I gave myself an exercise. Over the 8 weeks of the class I kept continually changing my

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