"Love Again" - Honoring The Winters of Life

...A Monthly Practice Invitation for Your Empowered, Heart-based Life... (WATCH: Click above for the new live performance video of my original song, written with Chris Massa, "Love Again.") IN ALL THINGS, THERE IS A WINTER As December begins, and the Holidays come, there's a lot to honor and work with spiritually through Winter. Winter is a time where nature withdraws into itself. It's a time of reflection, consideration, restoration and hibernation. It's also an invitation to reconnect to the deepest parts of ourselves, to the foundational aspects of our lives (family, friends, home, loved ones.) Just as a tree sheds its leaves in Fall, and draws upon its inner energy to withstand the Winte

ACTIVATE 2020: 4 Transformational Classes to Prepare You For The New Year

Hey fellow creators and dreamers! The end of each year is a really important time for us. It's a time for reflection and for gratitude...and also, a time for vision, intention and preparation for the New Year. I know that when January comes, most of us will be coming out of the Holidays eager to hit the ground running toward our new goals. But those first few weeks are always a little difficult as we work to find our groove again. So, I'm inviting you to join me in putting in a little bit of time now while you're still in the groove to set you up for a much more powerful start once January arrives. I'm inviting you to head into your Holidays feeling ahead of the game for next year. In the ne

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