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What Does World Peace Look Like?

I have a challenge for you:

Name 6 books about the demise of humanity.


Now name 5 movies.


It's pretty easy, right?

We have so much media about the ways in which we're going to fail ourselves as a species. So many stories about futures filled with degradation, destruction and human enslavement.

Now...think about how many books and movies you can name about humanity living in lasting peace? About a world without war? About a world of true freedom and equality for all beings? About a world without hunger?

Not as many, I would guess...


I'm a storyteller at heart. Through different forms of writing and performing I have experienced firsthand the power of a good story.

A good story can change your life.

A good story can change your perspective.

A good story can even reshape reality.

For example, over the past 100 years Science Fiction has manifested many of the technologies that we now use in everyday life. Science Fiction visionaries of the past described to us a possible future, and collectively we believed into it so much that we created what we envisioned. The cell phone, iPad, space travel, video chatting, all came from stories told of a possible future.

So, if stories have this much power, the power to manifest fantasy into reality, why don't we tell stories of peace? Why don't we make movies or write books about how humanity succeeds? Why don't we tell stories about the way we want the future to look, as opposed to how we don't want it to look?

Do we even know what a world at peace might look like?

Can you imagine?

Maybe it's time to start...

Here's the challenge:

The next time you have some time to kill or a moment to daydream, spend time imagining how the world will look, feel and function WHEN we find world peace.

Imagine the world with no war, no hunger--a world with full equality, full freedom. Be as detailed as possible. What will your day look like? What will you do with your time? How will our economy work? How will our justice system work?

Let's start telling the stories about our world at peace.

And then let's step into that future together.

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