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My 100 Day Challenge! Committing to Being the Change in 2018

As my birthday comes to an end, I'm excited to share with you all my intentions for this year's 100 Day Challenge (starting 1.22) and invite you to play the game with me!

The 100 Day Challenge is a campaign I started last year in response to the 2016 presidential election. At this time last year, I was feeling helpless and hopeless and I needed to do something to feel empowered and hopeful again. So I challenged myself to "be the change" I wished to see in the world. I wrote out a list of ways I was committed to showing up more powerfully in my life and in the world, and I invited my community to join me.

This campaign was highly successful, not just for me, but for a number of my friends who participated. Many of us excelled in our commitments, and were very glad to have seen the 100 days through.

And so, this year, I'd like to invite you to join me again! The campaign starts Jan. 22nd!

Here's my list of commitments for this year's 100 Days:

(Now begins the process of unification)

My intention:

create wellness, balance and unity

in all of my bodies

  • Personal Wellness:

  • Morning Practice: teeth, bed, ritual, yoga, meditation, water

  • Eating Practice: gratitude, mindfulness, water

  • Nighttime Practice: teeth, reading, meditation, water

  • One cup of coffee max a day

  • Social Media mindfulness: Only use social media with a specific action in mind, in and out.

  • No television except for special events or as connection with friends and family.

  • Mindful, conscious consumption of all substances. Err on the side of abstinence.

  • Go to Against the Stream on Sundays.

  • Set daily communication blocks, and otherwise disconnect from email and phone.

  • No screens after 10PM unless demanded by work.

  • Weekdays sleep at 12AM, wake at 8AM unless demanded by work.

  • Familial/Home/Marriage Wellness:

  • Clean house at least once a week.

  • Manage budget at least once a week.

  • Call parents at least once a week.

  • Weekly marriage check-in & acts of service.

  • Community Wellness:

  • Develop community directory.

  • Facilitate the Educational Program starting with Digital Marketing.

  • Encourage/facilitate/attend regular, consistent community meetings (solar/lunar calendar.)

  • Check-ins with accountability partners & tribe.

  • Societal Wellness:

  • Attending the Women's March LA on Jan. 20th.

  • Volunteer for the Skid Row Carnival of Love on Jan. 27th.

  • Volunteer at a Senior's home once a month.

  • Take part or volunteer at least once a month in some non-violent action/demonstration.

  • Study non-violent action and resistance, including the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior and Ghandi.

  • Career Wellness:

  • Log 8 hours of work a day.

  • Write one blog post a week.

  • Teach 1 group class and 1 private yoga class per week.

  • Get certified with Yoga Alliance.

  • Overhaul social media profiles & strategies based on marketing class.

  • Set up and launch Patreon strategy.

  • Set up a functional home recording studio & use it.

  • Self-record & record others as a tool for learning practical recording skills.

  • Sing daily.

  • 1 Co-Writing Session per week.

  • Finish "All You Need To Know About The Music Business" by Donald Passman.

  • Prepare for & excel at George Michael gigs and artistic directing gig.

  • Reading List:

  • "The Heart of the Revolution" by Noah Levine

  • "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert

  • "Anything You Want" by Derek Sivers

  • "Joyfully Together: The Art of Building a Harmonious Community" by Thich Nhat Hanh



Thanks for reading!

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