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Ben's Weekly Spark 3.25.18: Gratitude Videos, Meditation Apps & Heart Dance Playlists

...A Weekly Digest of

Community-Generated Tools, Tips & Experiences for Accessing JOY, HOPE, PEACE & LOVE...

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(Click here to join our Facebook group where these tools are shared. THANK YOU to the BC Tribe members who contributed to this week's Spark!)


🔥JOY: "Gratitude" and "gratefulness" were big themes this week. I've always found gratitude to be the easiest pathway to accessing joy, I try to include feeling into at least 3 things that I am grateful for in my practice each morning (really experiencing how they each make me feel.) A number of people in our group offered what they were grateful for (family, weather, friends, life) as well as these two videos on the importance of gratitude and "how to be more grateful." (Thanks Joel & John!)

(If you haven't heard it, I have a song written on the matter. I like to use it as my touchstone if I'm feeling disconnected from joy.)

🔥HOPE:This past week a number of members of one of my communities got together and talked about recent discords that had taken place in our shared digital forum. The deep listening, respect, compassion and vulnerability that was exhibited was moving and it gave me a lot of hope not only for the future of this community, but for the future of our species. I feel reaffirmed in my position that visceral, real-time connection with one another is key to the healing of our wounds and the forging of pathways forward.

🔥PEACE: I use a few different meditation apps for my meditation practice, one of which is an app created by Deepak Chopra and Oprah. They do a different meditation program quarterly, and they just started a 21 Day program on creating lightness in one's life.

🔥LOVE: I taught a heart-opening music, movement and yoga workshop Saturday for a private event and I wanted to share with y’all my playlists that I used. The first is for the Yoga practice, the second is for the ecstatic movement practice. Just in case you want to love on your body today with a little movement. ❤️💗❤️:


April 14th at 7PM PST- tune in via Facebook live on my Facebook Page for our monthly lovestreaming dinner party with explorations of love through music, food and conversations. This month's theme is love and its relationship to enlightenment, spirituality, faith and religion. Featuring performances by Ray Davis, Caitlyn Cope, and Sleep Machine (listen to all three of them on Spotify below!)


THANK YOU for reading! Again if you'd like to join our online community, click here to join our Facebook group where these tools are shared daily.


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