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Ben's Weekly Spark 4.29.18: 3 Boys Sangin', A Benevolent Barber & Burning Man's Larr

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🔥JOY: These three little boys singing, "Listen" from the Dreamgirls movie made me clap and shout, I just love this for so many reasons!!!

🔥HOPE: Yesterday, the founder of Burning Man, Larry Harvey, passed away. It gives me a lot of hope to know that the inspiration and the impetus from one person, the intention to gather people together communally and co-create art, can spark so much positive change that it spreads love, hope, peace and joy all over the world. Larry Harvey was a massive change agent in this world. I'm so grateful to have been able to experience his creation these past 5 years.

(Photo: Katy Raddatz, The Chronicle)

Angels are everywhere, offering beautiful, loving acts all day everyday, all over the world, undetected, humbly serving, powerfully shifting the world around them. Just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there...hope is everywhere...WATCH this video about a barber who donates his time giving haircuts to people experiencing homelessness:

🔥PEACE: I want to share with everyone my home for practicing meditation, Against the Stream on Melrose in LA. I love the rotating roster of teachers, each with their own perspective and style of teaching, I love how easy it is to park and to access (right off the 101 Freeway), and I love the vibe and energy of not only the space itself, but the people who attend classes there. It is a very welcoming, easy, non-pretentious center, and I try to attend most Sundays to be able to learn and practice with great people.

🔥LOVE: Teacher Jack Kornfield writes about Metta (or Lovingkindess) meditation and its value in our lives (this is truly my favorite meditation!) in this article below. This is the most practical meditation I've found to put me in a place of love towards everyone around me.:


In less than 2 weeks,

I'd be very glad if you joined me

for Ty Taylor's debut of his

fantastic new jazz album

on May 11th at the beautiful

Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts.

SEASON 2 FINALE IS MAY 12TH AT 7PM PST!!! Lots of special guests!!! Tune in live on my Facebook page!

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