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The Alchemy: An Invocation and an Invitation for 2019

...A Monthly Practice Invitation

for Your Empowered, Heart-based Life...

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“Sing to free the pain we hold.

Sing to leave the shame behind.

Sing to lead the lead to gold.

For those who seek the light, shall find.”

Happy New Year Friends! I’m excited to kick off this year with the first of what will be monthly “practice themes,” accompanied by a live performance video of an original song, in theme (see above.)

These themes are offered as a possible area of exploration for our/your spiritual practice each month, and I’ll be returning to them in my future emails as the month continues, as well as using this theme for my in-person workshop (1.13) and livestream (1.26.)

This month’s practice theme is

“The Alchemy.”


If this term is new to you, it has a long, fascinating history that you might discover here.

For the sake of our practice and this discussion, I will define “alchemy” as any method through which one intentionally transforms matter/energy from a dense state to a lighter state.

In ancient alchemical practices, this transformation was often represented symbolically as the changing of a dense metal (lead) into a lighter metal (gold.) To me, this works as a great metaphor for the work that we can all do in our everyday lives to shift the denser/darker energies within ourselves (hate, fear, worry, disease) to lighter/brighter energies (love, joy, peace and wellbeing.)

There are many, many methods of alchemy available to us in any moment (all of which can be learned about in depth with an easy Google search!) Some of my favorites are singing, chanting, yoga, movement, music, meditation, conversation, massage, aromatherapy, journaling. These are all forms of alchemy, of transforming energy, that I am learning to practice regularly. We’ll be talking about each of them in more detail throughout the month.

But, for the short remainder of this email, I want to focus on my favorite method of alchemy: SINGING.




I believe that our words (in thought and voice) create our reality (if you haven’t seen this great video by Jason Silva on the matter, maybe go here next!)

And when words are SUNG, their vibration is amplified and projected even more than when they’re spoken, giving them more power and effect.

And so, the song begins with an invocation of the reality I want to create:

“I am the light, I am the light, I am the light, I am the light, I am.

I am the radiant light.

I am what’s good and what’s right.

I am the truth realized.

I am the radiant light.

So Hum. So Hum.

I am the best that’s in me.

I am both measured and free.

I am equanimity.

I am the best that’s in me.

So Hum. So Hum.”

This is meant as a mantra practice, a calling-in of what I know to be my best qualities, my highest realization of Self, followed by the Sanskrit words “So Hum” which is a declarative statement meaning, “I am this.”

For many of us, The New Year offers great possibility. It presents us with a chance to make different choices than the year before, and many of us are inspired to create lasting change in our lives. The challenge, though, lies in finding the right methods that can help us truly integrate these changes so that they become our new normal rather than a fleeting intention.

I’ve always found that the vibration of singing is my most powerful way of changing my state. If I sing for a long period of time, especially with focus, love and attention, I always feel better for it. I feel lighter, more vibrant and alive.

I’d like to invite you to try singing in the beginning of this New Year.

Even if you don’t think you are a “singer” (wholly untrue, if you can create sound, you are a singer, but we can get into that later.) Feel into what happens when you make intentional sound for a prolonged period of time, as an alchemical experiment. You can start with humming. Just create vibration in your body. Notice how your body feels after it. Then try adding words and intention to your sound. Maybe sing about something that you desire. Call in your intentions. Sing your reality into existence. See what happens (you might be surprised!)

And if it doesn’t serve you, explore a different alchemical method (yoga, movement, journaling, etc.)

“Sing to free the pain we hold.

Sing to leave the shame behind.

Sing to lead the lead to gold.

For those who seek the light, shall find.”


I’m excited to start on this month’s practice journey with you all.

Reservations are now open for the 30-person work/playshop I’m leading in West Hollywood on Sunday, January 13th at 11:11AM. We’ll be using all of the alchemical practices above to transform whatever energy needs to be transformed to start the New Year right. Click here to reserve your spot!

I hope to see you there!

Much love and Happy New Year!


(Click here to join our Facebook group to connect to our empowered, heart-based community in practice. THANK YOU to the BC Royal Heart Tribe members who continue to keep our conversations and exchanges vibrant!)


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