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Ben's Weekly Spark 1.6.19: The Joy of Journaling, Thriving Masculinity, & Establishing Your

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(Click here to join our Facebook group where these tools are shared. THANK YOU to the BC Tribe members who contributed to this week's Spark!)


🔥JOY: At the beginning of this month, I wrote about modern-day Alchemy, and the many tools that we can use to shift our energy from darkness, denseness or negativity to brightness, lightness and positivity.

One of my favorites ways to do this is through Journaling.

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I've been journaling consistently for many years now. One of my greatest joys and most informative exercises is going back and reading my old journals. I go through stretches where I journal daily and then stretches where I need a break, sometimes I will journal around special events that I want to remember (Burning Man, weddings, trips,) or journal when I'm struggling energetically with something.

There are many ways that one can use journaling to alchemize their energy (click here to read an article on some techniques.) I have in the past used journals that offer writing prompts (daily inspiration/reflection journals) but most of the time, my journaling follows a specific format. It is one page, and the top of the page is either a stream of consciousness, allowing my mind to unwind, or a recap of the events of the day before. I fill about 3/4 of the page with this. Then, I close my journal page by writing 3 things I am grateful for, breathing in the gratitude after I write each gratitude, and one sentence that spells out my intention for the day. I then try and take a deep breath to seal my intention, and go about my day.

If you've never journaled, it's very easy to start. Even if you don't have a notebook, just grab any piece of paper, and start where you're at. The thing about journaling is to not have any expectations around what it should be. It doesn't need to take a long time or be any sort of way. Do whatever serves you best in the moment.


🔥HOPE: In case you missed it in the Facebook Group, I shared a new Youtube Series from my friend John Litchenberg, called “3 Steps,” that looks to teach men how to thrive in a way that is evolved, aware and accountable. His goal is to counteract some of the toxic masculinity that we as men can oftentimes fall into based on dated societal programming. Check out the channel and if you like what you’re seeing, subscribe! And if you do, you will see me interviewed on a future episode!


🔥PEACE: This was the first week in the New Year, and I know many of us are working to integrate new habits, practices and behaviors into our lives to bring us more peace.

Here's a great article from Lion's Roar that offers steps to establishing a practice, in whatever form that takes for you.

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Reservations are now open for the 30-person work/playshop I’m leading in West Hollywood this Sunday, January 13th at 11:11AM. We’ll be using all of the alchemical practices above to transform whatever energy needs to be transformed to start the New Year right. Click here to reserve your spot!


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