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Go With The Groove: Surrendering to Love

...A Monthly Practice Invitation

for Your Empowered, Heart-based Life...

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(WATCH: Click above for the new live performance video of my song, "Go With The Groove," available on iTunes and Spotify.)


“I grapple with the grip of the monkey in my mind.

He won't step outside the door,

cuz he's scared with he might find.”

I had a great phone call with my friend Catherine Clary the other day (she's a really wonderful blogger, check her out.)

We were talking about how we both have this tendency, when confronted with challenges in life, to tighten our grip on reality and try and create more control over what's around us.

We both also agreed that this instinct, although totally understandable, is actually counterproductive.

This tightening, physically and metaphysically, actually cuts me off from flow. It deprives me of energy and perspective, and it makes me less available to the infinite love and possibility around me all the time...


This month’s practice theme is

“Go With the Groove: Surrendering to Love.”




“Go with the groove,

Flow with the truth,

Quiet the fight,

Follow the light.”

In the past few weeks things have been picking up at work. I've been traveling, producing, and getting ready for some big upcoming projects.

Usually, when my workload gets heavier, I tend to get tighter, in all the ways.

Mentally- I am less present, caught up in my head project planning and worrying. The noise, the racket of my incessant thoughts, creates a mental tightness, almost like each of the thoughts is a rubber band that tangles around and around until my whole brain feels dense and seizes up.

The same can be said about my body. My shoulders and neck wrap forward, my back gets tight. It physically feels like I'm chasing something that's shrinking away from me.

Then in the emotional body, I become edgy, reactive. I am triggered more easily, it's much harder for things to bounce off of me or pass through me. My moods feel heavier.

In all the ways, when it feels like things are moving too quickly around me, I become dense to try and compensate for the motion of life.

But this month, I'm going to work on changing that! Instead of becoming denser, what I am choosing for this month is to become lighter, to follow the flow, and groove with the rhythm of life.

It's a scary proposition, when the waters are moving quickly, to ride the waves and surrender to the flow. It takes trust and faith.

But I'm also becoming aware as I become older that these are not the last wild rapids I'm going to ride. And EVERYONE rides them from time to time. So, my question for myself is: how do I want the ride to feel? And who do I want to be while I'm riding?

I want to learn to flow with grace. I am learning to trust. I am surrendering to the love that is always around me, and always there for me to carry me through.

“If I trust my intuition to guide me on my mission,

One step after the other goes the race until I've won.”




This month The 11:11 is unavailable on the dates that we are scheduled for our two events. I am actively searching for alternate venues, with my backup plan being my house. If you happen to know of any places that would allow me to do my workshop and live concert for free or a small rent, please let me know! Email me at:


I’m excited to start on this month’s practice journey with you all!

Reservations are now open for my next 30-person work/playshop I’m leading on Sunday, March 10th at 11:11AM. We’ll be exploring surrendering in this guided workshop. Click here to reserve your spot!


(Photo by Abel Armas Photography)

Tickets are on sale for the next Joy Machine concert on Saturday, March 30th at 8PM. Space is limited, so click here to get your tickets!


That's all I got for now, thanks for reading!


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