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Heart, Lead The Way: The Heart Journey Continues

...A Monthly Practice Invitation

for Your Empowered, Heart-based Life...

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(WATCH: Click above for the new live performance video of my song, "Heart, Lead The Way," or listen to the album version available on iTunes and Spotify.)


“For too many years, I made my mind my master...”

It's been four years since "Heart, Lead The Way" (click here to watch the video or click above) was first written, yet, the goal expressed in this song remains the main goal of my life: "heart, lead the way."

When this song was first released on my last album, "King Benjamin's Royal Heart", I wrote this about it:

"this song is sort of a plea to the universe and to my own heart to help me live a more heart-centered life."

At times, my heart has felt very much in charge of my life (when I was in Yoga teacher training, when I've been at Burning Man, in moments of flow or deep meditation/practice.)

But at other times, and admittedly, of late, my mind has gained a lot of power again in my life.

As I wrote in our community Facebook group,

"I have recently been out of my practice, and I could feel and see it in every way that being out of my practice shows up. Physically, mentally, emotionally heavier, much more anxious and reactive."

The perfectionist in me would consider it a failure that after four years I haven't somehow unlocked the magic key to total heartfelt living.

Luckily, I've also learned in these four years how to have much more grace and patience with myself in this journey.

I know now that living a heart-centered life is not a single decision made. It's not a light-switch that's turned on forever. To live a heart-centered life is to make many small but important decisions, moment by moment, in the direction of love and presence. It's a practice that takes devotion and discipline. It's a life-long journey.

So, my intention for this month is to begin where I'm at, and bring you on my journey with me as I begin again, re-activating my heart in my life, starting with a simple practice...


This month’s practice theme is

“Heart, Lead The Way”




“So now I seek the voice that sings within me

Give me a new beginning.

Heart lead, heart lead the way.”

From where I'm at right now, I have to begin small. Too lofty of intentions feels unmanageable and unlikely to manifest.

So, here's where I'm going to start, and where I'd invite you to start:

From the moment I wake up, I'm going to make a different choice. Rather than jumping out of bed and allowing my mind to take over, scrolling through my to-dos and what-ifs, I'm going to drop in to my heart space, for just a moment.

When I wake up, I'm going to:

1) Take a moment and breath.

2) Think of three things that I am grateful for.

3) Feel into my heart, and remind myself that no matter what, it's all going to be okay.

I'm also going to do the same thing before I go to bed, this time recalling three things from my day I'm most grateful for.

And that's it, simple to start. When I wake up and before I go to bed.

Breath, gratitude, surrender.

And I'm trusting that the rest will unfold as it's meant to from there.

(I'll keep you updated on the unfolding...)

“I know this heart will guide me to what I'm meant to find, I'm open, I will look for what you show... ”


That's all I got for now, thanks for reading!


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