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King Benjamin's Virgin Burner Blog: OMG! The Final Sale is next Wednesday!

Alright folks, the last official sale for Burning Man tickets is upon us!

It's time for the OMG Sale! (I believe in you!) Here are some things to know about this final sale!



In order to get tickets, you must pre-register/create a Burner Profile (online profile for Burning Man), STARTING TODAY (Wed. July 26th), until Friday, July 28th at 12PM PDT. You can pre-register here.

Create a profile by pressing "sign up" in the upper right hand corner.

Fill in the information. Verify your email. Confirm your account. (Standard new account setup protocol.)

Once you've created the profile, after 12PM during the pre-registration period, you will be able to login in order to pre-register.


Once you are pre-registered, you will receive an email with a ticketing link and registration code for the day of the sales."



Keeping it short and sweet, here's some tips for tomorrow's BM ticket sale, which starts at 12PM on Wednesday:

1) PREP YOUR FINANCES: -Make sure you have more than enough money already in your bank account to buy two tickets, a parking pass and pay the fees. $1,200 at least to be safe. -Make sure that the card you're using is operational. -Make sure you have the card handy when the sale starts.

2) PREP YOUR COMPUTER: -At 11AM, load multiple browsers up to the page where you input your code (I usually load both Safari and Chrome.) You can put your code into multiple browsers at one time, increasing your odds of making it through the queue. The link to the page where you input your code is included in your ticket-buying confirmation email. -Load up your code into your copy clipboard, ready to immediately paste once the sale starts. -Make sure your computer is charged or plugged in. -Shut down all other applications so as to not freeze your computer. -Do not engage in any other computer work during the sale if possible, as you don't want your computer to freeze.

3) PREP YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION: -Reset your internet at least 20 minutes before the sale to make sure it's running at optimal speed once the sale starts. -Make sure you are in a place with a strong internet connection. -If possible, have a backup plan in case your internet isn't working (a friend's house, a nearby coffee shop.)

4) MAKE A PLAN WITH YOUR BUYING BUDDY: -Your "buying buddy" is a person who can buy for you, and you for them, ensuring that you both get a ticket, as there's a 2 ticket limit per profile. It's a safeguard against the lottery. -Be in communication to know once one of you have secured the tickets. -Be certain to buy everything you can, parking pass, tickets, etc. You never know who else in the camp might be in need of buying off of you. If you both have the cash to buy two tickets, do it. You will be able to sell immediately either on Craigslist or to other members of our camp.

5) PREP YOURSELF/YOUR TIME: If possible, be sure you have close to 2 hours to sit in front of your computer. (It takes a while for the tickets to sell out, for the queue to clear, so be sure you're available to sit in line.)

6) ALWAYS HAVE THE TICKETS SHIPPED, DO NOT USE WILL CALL: Will call is literally the worst. Take my word, have the tickets shipped.


If you don't get tickets on Wednesday, don't panic. Tickets will change hands continually between now and BM. Here's some tips for how to get them...

If you still want to go, make sure you keep your ticket money in your savings, and try these two approaches:

1) BE VOCAL ABOUT YOUR NEED! Post online anywhere you can asking for tickets and talk to your friends about needing tickets. The more people who know, the more eyes and ears are on the lookout for you. People sell their tickets to cover bills/because they change their plans all the time, either through Craigslist, person-to-person, or through outside ticketing sites. Be on the lookout for posts online.

2) The STEP Program, which is Burning Man's way of exchanging tickets securely online (read more about it here.)

If you are diligent and keep your eye on the prize, I have no doubts you'll be able to get tickets.

We will all make it to the Burn.

Lovingly yours,

King Benjamin

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