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I’ll try and keep this brief, but it’s a story worth sharing I think... This morning I wake up feeling excited. The American Princess has me feeling optimistic about the possibilities of the world. Meghan Markle is a descendent of African-American slaves. That same bloodline will be heir to the British throne. That really makes me happy this morning.

I’ve intended December to be a month of tying up loose ends (we got something unresolved or unfinished? Message me!) I start my yoga practice with the understanding that one important loose end in my life is that I need to get back to teaching now that I’ve been George Michaeling so hard for two weeks.

(Me w/ the Colorado Symphony this last Saturday for "Faith: A Tribute to the Music of George Michael.)

I listen to a spiritual teacher a friend, SuzE Q, sent me MONTHS AGO to check out. His name is Bentinho Massaro, and I’m digging his approach. He explains that the 2 types of happiness are peace and joy, or self-realization and self-actualization. Got it. Yes.

I’m struck by how much of this last year I’ve characterized with struggle. I’m struck by the lack of joy I’ve been feeling. I feel bummed that I didn’t check out this teacher sooner. “What would this year have been if I had only...?” I sit down to journal and the message in the message-of-the-day-journal is “May your JOY be as deep as the ocean.”

I look at an email in my phone that tells me that I’ve been asked back to do the George Michael gig next year, in Long Beach (Celeste Verduzco was that your doing?) This was the goal. To George Michael all over the land!

(Snazzy dusty rose jacket courtesy of Jesse & Cookie <soon to be> Steele)

I bookmark Bentinho in my phone and the clock hits 11:11.

“You are exactly where you are meant to be” the voice says. There wasn’t any other way this year could have been. May my joy be as deep as the ocean. 🎶I gotta have faith, I gotta have faith.🎶

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